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Birthdate:Jun 25
Location:Houston, Texas, United States of America
This is a fic archive journal for Omorka's fanfic and other derivative works.

My current most active fandoms, roughly in order of activity, are Ghostbusters/Real Ghostbusters (I don't have as hard and fast a distinction between movie!canon and cartoon!canon as many writers in the fandom do), Eureka, Firefly/Serenity, Whoniverse (Doctor Who/Torchwood/SJA), CardCaptor Sakura (anime continuity more than manga), and StarCon II. Yes, most of those are fairly old. I really like long, open canons, which is one reason for my love of the Whoniverse. Long, closed canons are good, too. However, I write for things that aren't on that list, as well.

A lot of my writing is done for prompt communities or challenge communities. This is because the things that I write for myself go on forever, and I procrastinate without deadlines.

Friend at will. I am unlikely to friend you back from here, but you might get my other journal.

One of the sets of tags I use is for story length, because I'm too lazy to put the word count on every fic. A story tagged "drabble" is within 1 word of 100 words; a "double drabble" is within 1 word of 200 words. A story with the tag "flashfic" is less than 1000 words. If a story has no length tag, it's a short story, between 1000 and 7500 words. Stories between 7501 and 19999 words are tagged "novelette." Stories with 20000 to 49999 words are tagged "novella." In the unlikely event that I write a story with 50000 or more words, it will be tagged "novel," but I suspect that that tag will never be used.

WARNING: Some of these fics are explicit, either sexually or otherwise. I try to mark all my fics with an approximate rating, and I try to be fairly conservative about those ratings. I don't write non-con (and rarely write dub-con), and I don't write explicit sex scenes with participants who are underage in their own societies. All but the shortest and most innocuous are behind lj-cuts so as to avoid springing anything on anyone that will ruin their day. But: I write slash, I write het, and I write smut in both quasigenres. I write kink on occasion, and polyamorous fic. On occasion, I write about violence and its aftermath. Those for whom "occult topics" are taboo will find that I write about those, too. Proceed with caution.
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